About L&R

A Company Stands Apart….

The road to our success has been built with pride and dedication, quality workmanship and competitive pricing. It is his belief that you have to out-service the competition, maintain a workforce that is capable of consistent excellence, be a problem solver and despite setbacks, keep your word. L&R provides building services to individuals who recognize the value of a shell subcontractor who will work diligently and be 100% accountable.

Established in 1989 by Carlos Marquez, L & R Structural Corp., Inc. is still a family owned and operated business. L & R has enjoyed a constant growth since it started its operation.

Establishing and maintaining relationships with General Contractors, Developers, Suppliers and Employees has been paramount to our success.

Design Build Approach
The greatest service to our clients results from an early involvement with the owner, developer and general contractor during the conceptual phase of a project. This early involvement results in value engineering. This translates to a system that may reduce the schedule and/or the budget without compromising quality.



What We Offer

Competent in the Delivery of the following  Structural Systems:
•  Conventional Reinforced Concrete
•  Reinforced Concrete & Post Tension
•  Precast Concrete, Soffit Beams & Joists
•  Reinforced Masonry

In-House Project Development Services:
•  Development and analysis of Value Engineered Alternate Structural Systems
•  Detailed Quantification of Project Scope with Supporting Take-Offs
•  Reinforcing Steel Shop Drawings and Detailing
•  Post Tension Shop Drawings
•  Engineered Shoring and Re-shored Shop Drawings
•  Steel Column Shop Drawing Development
•  Computerized Project Scheduling Capabilities

Construction Operations:
•  Structure Layout, and Elevation Confirmation, from Established Surveyed Corners
•  Foundations
•  Fine Grading
•  Soil Treatment
•  Ground Floor Concrete Placing & Finishing
•  Elevated Slab Concrete Placing & Finishing
•  Formwork for all Cast-In-Place Concrete

•  Steel Column Furnishing & Installation
•  Steel Imbed Placing
•  Reinforced Masonry Construction
•  Placing and Sheathing of Wood Trusses
•  Post Tension and Reinforcing Material and Installation